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Our Story

SHARP ADVISORS was originally started under the name Straub & King Retirement Planning in 2001. For 10 years, the company helped many individuals work towards their financial goals and objectives. During this time, Kelly Straub recognized the complexity of retirement income planning. He was determined to simplify the process to help individuals achieve a work optional lifestyle. He believed that by Simplifying Retirement he would help individuals gain control over their time and have the financial freedom to pursue what’s important in their lives. It was under this vision that the company evolved into SHARP ADVISORS in 2011.

For nearly two decades, the team at SHARP ADVISORS has built lasting relationships through education, collaboration and service. Our mission to Simplify Retirement has radiated through our leadership team, Kelly Straub, Carly Hensley, and Marcus Anderson. They have guided and continue to guide countless individuals in pursuit of a work optional lifestyle. As financial planners, they help project how much you will need and when you can retire, manage your investments and income needs, and help ensure your hard-earned wealth lasts throughout retirement. After all, planning for retirement doesn’t need to be DULL when you have a dedicated SHARP Team every step of the way.